The following schedule is tentative and is most definitely subject to change.  Those changes may or may not be listed here.  Use this page to study what the researcher may run across.  This may help in sending in questions.

November 1:  Depart Indianapolis.  Flight to Minneapolis; change then to Winnepeg; change on to Churchill.
                       Arrive 5:30pm NWT time.  (one hour earlier than Indianapolis)

November 2:  Meeting at Parks Canada for computer reconfiguration.

November 3:  Churchill town tour with North Star Tours..

November 4:  Churchill Study Centre/Epic Adventures Dog Sledding

November 5:  Visit Duke of Marlborough High School

November 6:  Depart with Tundra Buggy Tours, Ltd onto the tundra.  Spend the night at Polar Bear Lodge--bunkhouses on the tundra--bear watching.

November 7:  Tundra Buggy tour from the bunkhouse.  Night II at the bunkhouse (and the last night there)

November 8:  Tundra Buggy tour from the bunkhouse.  At night return to Churchill.

November 9:  Truck rental to visit area locations; study in Eskimo museum

November 10:  Truck to and visit Churchill Natural Studies Centre.

November 11:  Visit last locations in Churchill.  Go to the "Flats" (Native population area).

November 12:   Depart Churchill------return home late evening.