Does each family have their own team of dogs for transportation?  No.  It is amazing how many people do have vehicles considering there are just a few miles of roads, and the roads do not connect to outside areas.  Many people have snowmobile type of machines. Look at these links, some might be commercial:   dogsledding 2dogsledding 3 , Official Iditarod Dogsled Race Page, dogsledding 4 (with many links), or try this for other competitions in The Yukon:  Yukon Dogsled Racing

How much does a Tundra Buggy cost?  $100,000 each. (est. cost in 1998)

Who created the first Tundra Buggy vehicle?  Len Smith.  He has a shop (workshop) near the port and has a staff to help him make this creations.  There is another company in town called Great White Bear.  They also have tundra vehicles and are planning to build a lodge as well, similar, but not the same, as the Tundra Buggy one.   Here's a direct link to the original creator of the Tundra Buggy vehicle and the original company:   Tundra Buggy Tours, Ltd.   (They have a wonderful gift shop of polar bear-type souvenirs!!  I have a driver sweatshirt, T-shirt, many books and other things from here!)

Are there any other tundra vehicle companies in Churchill?  Yes.  The other company in town is the Great White Bear Tours, Inc.  Here is their link:  Great White Bear Tours, Inc. (they have a souvenir shop as well and sell small window scrapers that help scrape the off the outside or the inside of your tour windows!)

What are the helicopter rides like over the polar bears and the frozen water?  And, don't those scare the bears away?  My flight with Hudson Bay helicopters was incredible.  Flying out over the tundra and then over Cape Churchill to see the ice and more bears was fantastic.  Scaring the bear?  Yes, it can.  Some bears don't seem to care one way or another about the helicopter, but others will start to run.  If that occurs, our pilot pulled right away from them.  They cannot afford the energy to run, but must save it for hunting their first seals.  Chasing them could actually wear them out and kill them from exhaustion.  In fact the bear could overheat.  Also, for safety, the buggies have to pull away from watching bears (if they are at that position) and that could interrupt all the other people on the tour and even the grinding sounds of the buggy might frighten away the bears, especially if it would be a mother and cub.  We were very fortunate not to disturb anyone or creature with our trip.  There is another company called Taiga Helicopters that is here as well.  They run similar programmes, but work with the Great White Bear company.  Here is a bit of information about the Hudson Bay Helicopter company:   Hudson Bay Helicopters 1 (HBH 1 may be blocked by some servers due to the "~" in the address, so try this one as well:  Hudson Bay Helicopters 2

Were you afraid that the plane that you flew in would become frozen or have some sort of a cold-related problem?  No.  The ground crews at all of the cold places the plane stopped at were very careful to de-ice the aircraft.  To learn more about aircraft in the cold, check out these links:
 Aircraft in the Cold 1Aircraft in the Cold 2 ,   Flying in the Northern air, Aircraft Preparation

Need to ask a question concerning Polar Bears or this project? Questions will attempt to be answered by Mark Weaver based upon his experiences in and around Churchill, Manitoba. Email mweaver@ccs.k12.in.us