Video Tapes

Filmed entirely on location in the area of Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, this video documentary deals with subarctic life in the autumn.  In sub-zero temperatures, this looks at the people, including some of their commentary; a visit to the Akjuit Rocket Range; forms of transportation; and wildlife--especially the polar bear. Using helicopters, dog sleds, and "Tundra Buggies", up close views of the migrating polar bears can be witnessed.  This was filmed and produced by Mark Weaver, a science teacher at Clay Junior High School, Carmel, Indiana, USA.    The film he shot was during his first winter visit in 1995 and was produced in his school studio in 1996.  It runs 61 minutes, not-rated, Library of Congress adopted.  The first half of the film deals mostly with the life of the people, culture, and town tour of the area of Churchill on the western edge of Hudson Bay.  The last part deals more with the wildlife including Arctic Fox, Caribou, and of course Polar Bears.  It should be noted that this is not a professional video recording, but recorded with hand held devices and remixed back in studio.   Mr. Weaver plans to make more of a polar bear oriented film in the spring of 2002 based on his filming during his 1998 Milken Family Foundation and Indiana Department of Education supported visit back at Churchill.  Production on the new project has not yet started, but he has 25 reels of video!

Ordering information for Churchill:  A Northern Experience.  This will be reproduced for educational and/or instructional use by simply sending a blank video tape and $10 USD (payable to Clay Junior High School) for packaging, shipping and handling (any residual will go to the schools science club) to Mark Weaver,   Clay JHS,  5150 E.126th St., Carmel, IN  46033, USA.  Allow at least 6 weeks during school year; longer during summer or over extended vacations.  This tape can also be checked out at local libraries in the Carmel, Indiana area.