7th Grade Baseball


It is a policy of the Carmel Clay Schools that no athlete will be permitted to use his/her own safety equipment consisting of batting helmets and catcher’s gear (helmet, chest protector and shin guards).  The equipment will be issued by the Carmel Clay Schools.

According to IHSAA guidelines, as of January 1, 2012, any bat that is not completely wood (fiberglass handle, etc.) must have a BBCOR label on it.


 All athletes must have a physical and an online consent form completed prior to any participation in Tryouts.  Consent, concussion, and sudden cardiac arrest information is all included in the online consent form.


There will be a Callout Meeting on Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 right after school in Room 423.  Meeting will last until 3:45pm and late bus passes will be provided if needed.

Tryouts will begin on Monday, March 12th at 3:30pm-5pm and will continue through Thursday, March 15th.  1st cuts will be made after tryouts on Wednesday, March 14th with final cut meetings taking place after tryout on Thursday, March 15th.  Players should be dressed and ready to go in the boys locker rooms by 3:20pm each day of tryouts. Practice will officially begin on Monday, March 19th, 2018.

Players should have the following items: Athletic clothing for indoor or outdoor, bat, hat and glove.

Spring sports Parent meeting is Tuesday, March 20th at 5pm in the Auditorium.


Carmel High School Middle School Baseball Camp

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Jason Ashley

Assistant Coach: Derek Dewitt

Game Day Nutrition


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