7th Grade Volleyball

Physical / Consent Forms:

Please click here to access the required forms for sports participation. 

These forms are REQUIRED for athletes to be eligible for tryouts and sports participation.

Make sure forms are submitted by August 10th.

Fall Tryouts:
- Monday August 13 - Thursday August 16
- 3:30-5:30 PM
- South Gym of Creekside Middle School
- 7th graders are asked to wear a white or grey shirt, preferably with their last name on back.


Please note the following information for tryouts:
- Tryouts begin day BEFORE school starts for students.
- Students need to have their medical physical and athletic participation consent form completed and submitted to the office before they are allowed to try out for volleyball. (See above

Callout Meeting Handout (Click Here)



Please come prepared to each game, including:

- Full Uniform (Red Jersey, Blue Shorts)

- Volleyball Shoes

- Kneepads

- Socks and other needed underclothes

- Accessories for play (hairties, arm guards, ankle braces, water bottles, etc.)


Things to keep in mind:

- Your HEALTH and ACADEMICS are most important.  Playing sports is an extracurricular privilege. If you are injured in any way, please report this injury to your coach and our school athletic trainer.  We want you to be healthy and safe, and playing while injured is never a good idea.  Coach Gemelas-Wood will receive a grade report on a regular basis, and if your grades are suffering as a result of participation, you will be asked to attend after-school study hall and complete make-up work as needed until the grades are at the level required for play.

- DRIVE is more important than SKILL.  hustle and love for the game can never be replaced, and players do not play based on skill alone.  Players that demonstrate a strong desire to learn, grow, and improve are always appreciated and valued on the Creekside Volleyball Team.

- This is a TEAM. Games cannot be won by solo efforts.  Each player is expected to contribute to the best of their ability, both on and off the court. Players on the court will play their positions, support one another, and encourage their teammates both in success and setbacks. Players off the court will cheer for their teammates, be ready to jump in wherever and whenever asked, and keep track of how their teammates are doing.  All players have roles to fulfill, and the team does not work unless each individual fulfills those roles.





Expectations for parents include the following:

- Be supportive of your daughter and of the team.  They want you to be there for them and to encourage them during tough situations.  Seventh grade is a growth year, with a mix of ability and court awareness levels. The girls may be playing with new teammates for the first time, and they are learning at a steep pace.  Be patient as they learn the game and themselves.

- When it is your turn to bring food, please bring healthy food, and enough to feed approximately 25 people.  We always appreciate fruits and vegetables!  Bagels, chicken, and sandwiches are also highly appreciated.  Thank you for helping feed the team!

- If you disagree with any of the coach's decisions, please WAIT 24 HOURS before contacting the coach.  We ask for this period of wait time to allow tensions to cool and a calm discussion to follow.  Unfortunately, tough discussions that take place directly after a game do not always lead to positive outcomes.  Please respect this Creekside Middle School Athletics guideline.  Additionally you may contact the Athletic Director, Randy Hartog, if you feel it necessary to do so. 



Coach Leann Gemelas-Wood: lgemelas@ccs.k12.in.us

Athletic Director: Randy Hartog: rhartog@ccs.k12.in.us

Coaching Staff

7th grade volleyball coach: Leann Gemelas-Wood


317-733-6420 ext. 6080

8th grade volleyball coach:  Katie Abel