First of all, thank you everyone for your interest in Creekside Cheerleading.  We are so excited to see the cheer program growing and have so many more girls interested in promoting school spirit for our teams.  This was an extremely tough try out with so much talent.  If you were not chosen for Winter Cheer, we encourage you to come back and try out in August for the Fall football cheer team.  We would also recommend that you get in a tumbling class.  Having some tumbling really makes a difference in scoring at tryouts.  Also work on jumps and cleaning and sharpening your motions.  


Congratulations to Our Creekside Winter Basketaball Cheerleaders!!!


Our first practice is Monday, November 3 from 3:30-5:00.  

Uniform sizing is also on Monday, November 3 with our Varsity Spirit Representative.  New girls will need to order:

  1. crop top-$59.95 (new-6 weeks to come in) or $30.00 (used) Please let us know if you would like a used one as we will need to buy some back from former cheerleaders. 
  2. cheer shoes-$80.00
  3. briefs-$13.95
  4. cheer bag (optional)-$42.00

Also on Monday we will have a brief parent meeting at 5:00 when you pick up your daughter.  You will be given all of the information needed for the season along with a complete schedule. 


Jeanette James-8th grade

Candace Beidl-7th grade