What is Cross Country?

 What is it?

Cross country is a running sport for all ages. It is different from other running sports in that races take place overal natural terrain. Courses may include, but are not limited to grass, trails, hills, dirt, mud, gravel, puddles, bark, crushed lime, tree roots, and trees.

What is the distance?

In Hamilton County, middle schools run 3000 meters (1.89 miles). At the high school level the distance is 5000 meters (3.1 miles).

What's a good time?

For a 3k race a good time differs by gender. For boys anything under 11:00 is a good time. For girls anything under 12:00 is considered good. With that said, a good time is difficult to judge. Not all of us are granted with great running talent. The best way to judge a good time is to base it on your training and improvement. For example, we've seen students drop six or seven minutes off of their first race and not break 13:00 minutes. That is viewed as great success! Times are important for individual runners to use as a measuring stick with themselves.

How are races grouped?

All races are grouped by gender. Any student in sixth, seventh, and eight grade can compete in our races. Boys race against boys and girls race against girls. The Creekside Kickoff races are further divided into grade level races. For example there is a race for sixth grade boys as well as for eighth grade girls.

How are meets scored?

Meets are scored a little differently than most sports. Teams are trying to score as LOW a score as possible. Fifteen(15) points is the lowest a team may score. Runners are awarded points based on their finishing place. The first place runner scores one point (1), the second place scores two points (2) and so forth. There are some catches to all of this, though. Teams are allowed to score only seven runners. Once a team has had its seven scorers cross the line no other runners on that team will score points. The first five runners compile the team's score, but their sixth and seventh runners still act as "pushers" by holding point values from other teams. Runners will be recognized for finishing in those spots, but no score will be assigned to them.