In late July, the PTO mailed a fundraising packet to all Creekside households with detailed information about how donations are allocated to various school programs.  Instead of asking students to help the school fundraise via door-to-door catalog sales, families were simply asked to donate to the PTO.  Without donations, some of our school programs and educational enhancements will not be possible.  

Show your Wildcat Pride! Choose a donation level and donate today.   Families will receive an incentive as a small thank you for their donation to Creekside Middle School. The PTO will share the result of this fundraising campaign with the entire school community.  Thanks again for your support!

Please click on the Buy Now link to donate to the PTO via PayPal.  We appreciate your support.  

Diamond Level: $200.00+ (Show your Wildcat Pride and receive a Carmel Clay School Inverted Umbrella!)

Platinum Level: $150.00 (Show your Wildcat Pride and receive a Creekside Stainless Steel Tumbler with Lid)

Gold Level: $100.00 (Show your Wildcat Pride and receive a Creekside Power Charger for your child’s backpack)

Silver Level: $75.00 (Show your Wildcat Pride and receive a Creekside Decal for your vehicle)


Who ARE we?
The PTO is a Parent-Teacher Organization of Creekside Middle School.

What is our PURPOSE?
Our purpose is to form an effective partnership between families and staff members with the intention of fostering greater student success. Together we will further social, emotional and academic growth for our students by providing a wide array of cultural and educational programs throughout the school year. We also donate our time and resources to the school, to the library, and to the staff.

What is our OBJECTIVE?
It is our objective to make ALL children feel significant, unique and a capable member of our community. We assist and support the staff by working in a cooperative role to bring the home and school together. We also assist in planning programs and activities to enhance our children’s educational experience. Our income is derived primarily from various fund raising efforts that help subsidize planned programs and activities.

Recognizing the value of parental participation, we encourage you to contribute to your child’s overall success by becoming an active member of the PTO.


Your membership fees are critical to keeping the following programs alive that benefit all of our students:

  • After School Study Hall
  • Teacher Giftcards for Classroom Needs 
  • Pep Band Nights
  • School Nurse
  • Team Support
  • Supplies & Distribution
  • Field Trip Scholarships
  • Club Sponsorships
  • The Cultural Fair
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Special Education
  • The Health Fair & Wellness
  • Performing & Unified Arts
  • 8th Grade Celebration
  • Tech Education, and Much More...!



Membership Donation Options
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