Welcome to the Creekside Counseling Department!


Mrs. Schad

Susan Schad, Guidance Counselor

6th Grade Team Barracuda, 7th Grade                                 

Mrs. Penn
Carolyn Penn, Student Services Coordinator

6th Grade Team Barracuda, 7th Grade

Mrs. Sprunger

Kristen Sprunger, Guidance Counselor

6th Grade Teams Piranha and Marlin, 8th Grade


Mrs. Wolfe

Nicole Wolfe, Student Services Coordinator

6th Grade Teams Piranha and Marlin, 8th Grade

Kathy Parker, Student Services Secretary

Counselors: Susan Schad and Kristen Sprunger are Master’s level School Counselors who take care of students’ schedules as well as see kids individually and in group settings to discuss social, emotional and academic needs. Additionally they evaluate and coordinate 504 plans, conduct units annually on career exploration, and provide learning style inventories, interest inventories and skills assessments for each student. Many times they serve as a liaison between parents and teachers.

Student Services Coordinators: Carolyn Penn and Nicole Wolfe both have their Master’s degree in School Social Work. They connect families with resources in the community to meet the financial, social, and emotional needs of students and families. They are also in charge of Creekside programs such as Free and Reduced Lunch, Attendance, 21st Century Scholars, Peer Mentoring, Red Ribbon Week, Thanksgiving meal assistance, Cultural fair, Giving Tree and so much more. They meet with students individually and in group settings to assist with social, emotional and academic concerns.

School Psychologist:Susan Kiley is the school psychologist. A school pyschologist serves as a liaison between the clinical, educational, and home communities. She partners with the Student Services Coordinators and Guidance Counselors to enhance outcomes for all students and their families. Activities could include facilitation of groups, problem solving, data analysis, and consultation with families, students, and staff. In addition, she completes direct evaluations to assist multidisciplinary teams and case conference committees with determining eligibility for special education services. 


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Our Counseling department consists of two Counselors, two Student Services Coordinators (Social Workers), and one School Psychologist.

In order to better meet the needs of all students at Creekside, the counseling department has developed a team approach.

The team of Kristen Sprunger and Nicole Wolfe serve two 6th grade teams and the 8th grade, and the team of Susan Schad and Carolyn Penn serve one 6th grade team and the 7th grade.

They all work together to more effectively and efficiently support the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students.