Callout and Tryout Information

Information for the 2018 - 2019 season.

Next callout Date: Monday, November 26, 2018 after school in the cafeteria

Parent meeting with the coaches: Monday, December 10th, 5:30PM after practice. 

Practice begins on Monday, December 3rd from 3:30-5:30pm.  All weekday practices will go from 3:30-5:30pm.

Callout Information


About Creekside wrestling

Greetings parents and welcome to the Creekside wrestling page!

We are excited for our 2018-2019 season to begin and want to welcome all our new wrestlers, as well as our alumni from previous seasons!

If your child is interested in wrestling here is some helpful information about how we operate.

Our philosophy is giving it 110% all the time. We can't win them all, however, we want to go out and give it our best shot. To do this, we ask all our wrestlers to ensure they prioritize attending all practices (we ask that coaches are notified if your child will miss a practice), as well as be attentive and participate fully in drills.

Our practices will usually consist of rolling the mats, a warm up with dexterity drills, wrestling drills, then later in the season, live wrestling. Once mats are rolled back up, your child will be released at 5:30. We ask all parents to make sure you are available to pick your child up or have accommodations in place for pick up.

Meets and tournaments will start back up after winter break. All our wrestlers are expected to behave and be courteous to others during these times. Typically, during a meet, they will start at around 5:00PM - 5:30PM and last until 6:45PM - 8:00PM. Parents can take their child home after an away meet after letting a coach aware that they plan to do so (for bus attendance). Tournaments take place typically on the weekend and start early in the morning and last until the afternoon. On these days, we will let your child know if they will most likely be wrestling. If so, they will need to be at the school early for bus departure.

We are very excited for the new season to begin! If you or your child has any questions, feel free to email one of the coaches and we will get back with you as soon as we can!

Creekside wrestling


Q: My child isn't very comfortable wearing the tights, do they really have to?

A: Those "tights" are known as singlets in the wrestling world. They are the classic uniform worn by even the top athletes. Singlets ensure a fair match between two wrestlers as they ensure that there is no holding of clothes while wrestling which can result in penalty points. However, this year Creekside wrestlers will have the option to wear the rental singlet or rental compression shirt and shorts for meets.

Q: What do I need to provide for my child during the season?

A: There are a few things your child will need provided for during the wrestling season.

1.) Wrestling shoes. Shoes are required to wrestle at meets, socks can be worn during practices, and we also have some donated pairs, it is recommended to purchase a pair as it truly can make a world of difference on the mats.
2.) Warm up gear. Warm up gear is worn at meets to not only boost morale and team spirit, but to also get the body warmed up and ready to wrestle. These will need ordered during the first week of practice, your child will have information about this, parents should also get an email about this.
3.) Pre-game meals. Before every meet, we usually have a meal catered. Last year it was a 6-inch subway sandwich. You do not need to purchase this, however it is recommended for your child to eat dinner prior to a meet due to the times they end.
4.) Head-gear. We do provide head gear; however, you can always buy and use your own, it's recommended to do so if planning to continue wrestling for multiple years.

Q: Will my child get hurt?

A: Wrestling is a very physical sport. It is always a possibility that someone can get injured during drilling or at a meet. However, wrestling is a controlled sport. Your child is expected to be attentive when drills are shown to know how to do everything taught safely. Referees all make sure to intervene before anything too dangerous were to occur. Medical staff is always present during meets as well.
Overall, we constantly strive to have as little to no injuries as possible.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Eddie Palmer

Assistant Coach: Adam Serafin

Assistant Coach: TBD

Game Day Nutrition


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