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CCPL Library Card Application

Print a CCPL Library Card Application here.


 Dear 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders,

The Cherry Tree Media Center is pleased to share with you that during the week of September 28th, 2015 the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL) will be joining us at Cherry Tree to share information about Overdrive, a simple, method for reading eBooks on computers and tablet devices. Students will be invited to bring in their personal device, in accordance with our school BYOD policy. Bringing a device is OPTIONAL, and students without a device will be able to participate using a school computer. The CCPL has requested that if a student is able to bring his/her library card number, or a parent’s library card number, this will enhance our time with them. They do not need to bring the actual card. A post it note, with the library card number, is sufficient. If you do not have a card, but would like one, an application is attached below and can be returned to the CCPL.  

**Students who do not bring their own devices WILL still be able to do the activity on the computers provided.

In agreement with CCS Policy #7542 The owner of a PCD bears all responsibility and assumes all risk of theft, loss, or damage to, or misuse or unauthorized use of the device while it is on Board property.  This provision applies to everyone, regardless of their affiliation or connection to the Corporation.

Mobile devices, e-readers, etc, can be brought to school if the parent grants permission and the student assumes responsibility.  Your child's teacher may elect to allow mobile devices in their classrooms; however, sending a device is at the parents discretion.  

Overdrive Cheat Sheet

Download and print the cheat sheet to help you utilize Overdrive at home.

BYOD Expectations for the Cherry Tree Media Center

*Personal devices are for educational purposes only.

*At NO TIME should a student be recording, photographing, or using any other media to photograph other students/adults.

*Students may not use their personal device to email, text, Instant Message, Skype or other forms of electronic communication or social media.

*Students are to use their personal devices for the assigned activities only.  Students using their device for other purposes, may be asked to leave their device at home.

*If a student chooses to "listen to reading" he/she must provide their own headphones.

*Bringing a personal device to school is optional!  You are not obligated to purchase a device for your child.