Reading Incentive Programs


YHBA (Young Hoosier Book Award) is a reading list created by the Association of Indiana Media Educators.  Each year 20 primary books and 20 intermediate books are selected for the reading enjoyment of the students.  At Cherry Tree, our second through fifth graders participate voluntarily.  The Media Specialist introduces the books to the children along with an opportunity to respond to the books online.  Students earn incentives as they read, and the opportunity to vote with other young Hoosiers around the state in selecting the overall Young Hoosier Book Award Winner.  



This is a challenge program offered to all fourth and fifth grade students.  The students form a four-person team from their grade level.  Each team member must read five books from the current Cherry Tree Book Award list and become an "expert" on those books they have read.  In May, grade level teams will "battle" with each other.  The "battle" will last for 20 questions.  The winning team will advance to the next level. The final "battle" will be between the winning fourth grade and fifth grade teams, and is broadcast live on CTE-TV for all 3rd-5th graders to view.