5th Grade Special Events

Cherry Tree Elementary works hard to make fifth grade a special year for our patriots. Grade-level t-shirts, Camp Jameson, Biztown, the Fifth Grade Recognition Ceremony and the Fifth Grade banner are a few of the highlights. The PTO is happy to help support these marker moments.

GraduationStudent Pictures Needed for Recognition Slide Show

It's a patriot tradition that the Fifth Grade Recognition Ceremony in May includes a slide show of the students during their years at Cherry Tree Elementary. The Fifth Grade Special Events chairpersons need your help to make it happen! They would like to have plenty of time to make this slide show extra special.
   •   Choose 2 photos showing your child’s growth (1 kindergarten and 1 current). These photos can
       be any snapshot. They do not need to be school photos.
   •   Choose up to 3 group photos from any school field trips, classroom parties, school assemblies,
       Junior Olympics, etc. Please send only photos that were taken at school events. Photos of
       non-school events (such as birthday parties) will not be used. When submitting group photos,
       please indicate the school event shown and the name of each student included in the group
       photo to help us ensure that all students are included in the slide show.

   •   Keep in mind that blurred or dark photos will not project well on the screen at the event.
   •   Cropping or other adjustments you can make prior to submitting the photos would be very helpful.
       With over 600 photos to include, any assistance you can provide is appreciated.

   •   Photos are due no later than Feburary 24, 2017.
   •   Attach your photos to an email to CherryTreeGraduation@yahoo.com.
   •   Use your child’s name in the subject line.
If you only have a hard copy of a photo, you have two options:
  1.  Scan your photo and send it following the instructions above.
  2.  Take a picture of the photo with a smart phone and send it following the instructions above.

Please note: Although we will try to include all properly submitted photos, we may not be able to include all photos submitted for various reasons (such as slide show length, fairness to all students, etc.)

Contact the Fifth Grade Special Events Chairpersons, Julie Nahvi, Wendy Sibbitt, or Jana Swigart with any questions.