Meeting Information

PTO membership is free and automatic to parents of students at Cherry Tree Elementary. All parents and staff members are welcome to attend the quarterly General Board Meetings which include reports from Principal Atkinson, PTO committees, and special guests.

2016-2017 Meeting Schedule

► September 22, 2016  CTE LGI Room  6:45-8:00pm
       • PTO 2016-2017 Budget Presentation
       • Committee Reports, including PPIF, BINGO Family Fun Night, Parents & Pastries,
          Artist in Residence, and more
       • Principal's Report
January 19, 2017 CTE LGI Room  6:45-8:00pm Agenda
       • Committee Updates, including Science Fair, Patriot LEGO Club, Cherry Blossom Festival,
         Fifth Grade Special Events and more.
April 27, 2017 CTE Cafeteria  6:45-8:00pm
       • Cherry Blossom Festival Recap and Results
       • 2017-18 PTO Board Slate Presentation
       • Chairperson Updates