Staff Appreciation

Saying THANK YOU to the Cherry Tree Staff

If you would like to thank any of the valuable CTE staff for what they do for your child and family, the 2017-2018 Carmel Clay Recognition Calendar for is as follows. 

September 11th-15th - Custodial and Maintenance Staff Recognition Week
October 16th - Administrative/Managerial Staff Recognition Day
October 16th-20st - Bus Drivers, Bus Monitors, and Bus Mechanics Recognition Week
November 15th - Education Support Staff Recognition Day (IAs, Computer Technicians, Special Services)
February 5th-9th - School Counseling Recognition Week
March 12th-16th - Food Service Staff Recognition Week

April 9-13th - Media Specialists Recognition Week
April 25th - Administrative Professionals Recognition Day (Secretarial and Clerical Staff)

May 7th-11th - Teacher Appreciation Week
May 9th - National School Nurse Recognition Day
May 14th-18th - National Police Recognition Week (SRO)