Elf Workshop

With a variety of festive craft and service projects designed for a range of interests and abilities, Elf Workshop has something for every Patriot Elf this holiday season! We hope your elves will join us. Beginning October 18, the crafts will be showcased in front of the CTE office.
> Check out the craft and service projects.

Elf Workshop takes place from 2:35-3:30 on November 29, 30 and December 1 in the cafeteria, where parent instructors and assistants will guide the elves in their handiwork. 

  Registration will take place in two waves.
  • Week 1 begins on Monday, October 24. During the first week of
  registration, students can sign up for a total of one craft or service project.
  • Week 2 begins on Monday, October 31 and runs through Friday,


Please contact the Elf Workshop chairs for more information.