We aim to make it simple for families to participate financially in our efforts to enhance the student experience at CTE. Each school year, the CTE PTO has two major fundraisers along with other opportunties to gain support throughout the year.

Major Annual Fundraisers

Patriots Fall Fundraiser -  Parents are able to make donations to the organization without asking children to sell items door-to-door.

Cherry Blossom Festival - Carnival spring fundraiser.  Families are able to enjoy games, prizes, raffle, auction, food and treats at this traditional school carnival.

Additional Opportunities

These partnerships with retailers and manufacturers bring in money at no additional cost to you.
> Learn more about no-cost fundraisers.

When you purchase spirit wear, you let your patriot pride shine and a small percentage of your purchase is given back to the PTO.
> Find out more about Spirit Wear.

CTE PTO is partnering with local restaurants to turn meals out into dollars in.
> See the schedule of restaurant nights.