Student Services Coordinator

Who is a student services coordinator?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

  • a certified, specially trained, caring person                                                
  • a faculty member who provides guidance to ALL students
  • a resource person
  • a coordinator
  • a consultant
  • a group leader
  • a person who helps teachers, parents, students and administrators
  • a friend


What are the qualifications of a student services coordinator?


  • a Bachelors degree
  • a Master of Social Work degree
  • knowledge of elementary school programs
  • competence in human relations


What does a student services coordinator do?


  • helps students develop a positive attitude toward school and learning
  • helps students develop good relationships with peers, parents, teachers and siblings
  • helps students improve their communication skills and develop effective decision-making strategies
  • helps students deal with personal concerns, developmental tasks, crises, school related problems, home concerns, health and physical development
  • helps to ease the transitions between school settings
  • plans and implements with teachers a program of activities designed to enhance the personal social/emotional development of elementary students


How does the student see the student services coordinator?


  • self referral
  • teacher referral
  • parent referral
  • administrative referral
  • special services referral
  • referral by a friend


Why does a student see a student services coordinator?


  • to understand abilities and limitations
  • to adjust to a new school
  • to find answers to concerns
  • to develop skills in getting along with others
  • to adjust to family transitions
  • to achieve in school
  • to share friendships


Why does the student services coordinator conduct small group meetings and classroom guidance lessons?


  • to help students develop personal understanding and self-awareness
  • to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem
  • to encourage students to recognize and make the best use of their capabilities
  • to provide opportunities for students to feel successful
  • to give students opportunities to talk about educational, personal and social concerns
  • to encourage students to recognize, understand, and work through learning difficulties
  • to help students better adjust to school and home environments


College Wood's MSW, LCSW:

Iman Kiritsis, MSW, LCSW

Student Service Coordinator

(317) 733-6430 ext. 2058

Fax:  (317) 733-6445