These are databases that College Wood subscribes to; by using these to do your research, you'll know that your information comes from a reliable source. If you'd like to use these resources from home, create a myCCS account with a grown-up's permission (click on the myCCS link at the top of this page to get started) and once you log in to myCCS, you'll automatically be logged in to all of these databases! You can also have a grown-up log into their myCCS account so that you have access to the databases as well.

Gale Databases

The Gale Database suite includes tools like

  • Biography in Context portrait
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Contextyin yang
  • Student Resources in Context apple

and many more!

Click on the Gale link below and look for the icons shown above.


From the INSPIRE website: "INSPIRE is a service of the Indiana State Library. INSPIRE is supported by the Indiana General Assembly through Build Indiana Funds, The Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act and in partnership with the Academic Libraries of Indiana."

INSPIRE has two search portals. One for younger students called Kids Search and one for older students called Student Research Center.

Click on the INSPIRE link below and look for these icons:

kids search  student research

Search Tips

  • Jot down some ideas before you start. What is it that you are really looking for?
  • From your notes, decide on one or two key words that you think are most important.
  • If you get too much information, make your search more specific. Like searching for "Persian Cats" instead of simply "Cats."
  • If you get too little information, make your search more general. Like searching for "Dinosaurs" instread of "Jurassic Dinosaurs."
  • Keep trying and keep a record where you searched and what you searched for.