Welcome to CWE-TV on Channel 82! Our College Wood Broadcast center, run entirely by fifth graders, brings live, video announcements to the entire school each morning. The morning broadcast will be monitored by College Wood teachers, Mrs. Napier and Mr. Gasser. 

Twenty-four students are chosen each year from the applicant pool to attend either the morning or afternoon session of a mandatory production workshop during the summer. These students will make up four crews of six students each who will rotate every three weeks during throughout the year. During each crew’s three-week rotation, students must be at school no later than 7:55 AM, preferably before, and will therefore need alternate transportation to school on each of these mornings. 

Each team will have six members: three anchors/writers, one audio engineer, one computer graphics technician, and one video engineer. Positions will be assigned during our summer production workshops. You need to be willing to accept any of these positions to apply for CWE-TV.

Being a member of a broadcast team is a big responsibility and will require time and practice both in and out of school. In addition to arriving early on broadcast days, anchor/writers and computer graphic technicians agree to give up their recess time (not the whole time) to prepare their material for each day’s broadcast. Students are responsible for completing all classroom work and obtaining instruction that might be missed when attending or preparing for the broadcasts. The rewards, however, are great as students will have the opportunity to use state of the art video and audio technology to produce a product for the entire school to enjoy.

New additional segments will be added to CWE-TV during the upcoming year including, so stay tuned 

For current CWE-TV members, please refer to the CWE-TV Canvas course for rotations, schedules, and any additional information.