CWE-TV Resources for Writers

Desk Anchors

  • Open the Desk Anchors PowerPoint in the P:Cardinals Nest drive.... Possible Google Drive
  • Change the day (example: Wednesday to Thursday)
  • Change the date (example: 14 to 15)
  • Change the Specials day (example: A to B; after F day, we go back to A)
  • Check the CWE-TV News Submission Form for any additional announcements for the day.
  • Change the closing line (example: wonderful Wednesday to thrilling Thursday)
  • If time allows, add the following item based on the day of the week:
  • For Monday - Friday - add a joke, quote, word of the day, mystery teacher fact, or upload a video of class work
  • Double check your work and be sure to SAVE!!

Computer Graphics Technician and Feature Anchor

  • Open Feature Anchor PowerPoint in the P:Cardinals Nest drive.
  • Change the weather graphic; add any backgrounds or clip art that help describe the weather. 
  • Change the lunch menu text and graphic.
  • Check the student and staff birthday lists and change the birthdays. Remember to add the weekend birthdays for Monday's script.
  • Make the PowerPoint look fun and inviting. Play with fonts and colors. Add clip art and animations as you see fit. 
  • Double check your work and SAVE!!