What is CWE-TV?

CWE-TV is a group of twenty-four 5th grade students who run the morning broadcast show for College Wood Elementary. The students form teams, learn how to broadcast “live” announcements, create scripts, be school leaders, and become more technologically savvy. 

Who is involved?

  • Supervisors: Mr. Gasser & Mrs. Napier 
  • ONLY 5th grade students
  • Special guests: Mrs. Olssen, Ms. Carmichael, Recycling Club members, Kindergartners, Mystery Readers, Mrs. Dibella, and more.

How to get into CWE-TV?

  • Applications will be sent out to 4th grade students during the month of February or March, which includes a brief introduction with Mr. Gasser and Mrs. Walsh.
  • Applications include recommendations, thorough/ detailed information, experiences, and a picture. 
  • Interviews take place before spring break or after spring break. 
  • Acceptance letters sent out a week after interview process. 


  • $100 per student
  • Includes: CWE-TV t-shirt, 3 days of camp, field trip to WISH TV 8 for live broadcast, and a pizza party at the end of the year.  

When does Camp take place? Cost? 

  • When accepted, camp takes place over the summer (end of July) for 3 total days, which includes a field trip to WISH-TV 8 Headquarters. 

What jobs? What teams? 

  • Sound Engineer (controls the sound of the broadcast)
  • Desk Anchors (2 anchors who read from a script to present the announcements)
  • Feature Anchor (reads the weather, lunch menu, birthdays, SUPERYOU winders, and more)
  • Video Engineer (controls switching from different camera angles and presentations) Computer Graphics Engineer (creates creative feature anchor slides and important information)
  • 4 Teams consists of 6 students working a 3-week rotation of the entire school year. Each team gets three total rotations, adding up to 9 weeks of total broadcasting.  

What are the responsibilities? 

  • Students arrive to school before morning bell. Arrival time of no later than 7:50 AM. MUST provide morning transportation to school. 
  • Complete “real script”, “feature anchor slides”, and last minute adjustments
  • Scripts and slides must be completed during recess time or 20 minutes prior to announcements. 
  • Prompt, reliable, trustworthy, teamwork, and honesty