Donation Drive

Donation Drive 2017



Donations of any dollar amount are appreciated, but we are recommending a $50 donation per child. Your donation shows your commitment to your child's education and counts towards our 100% participation goal.  

For the 2017 Donation Drive we have several incentives to help us meet our donation goal.

  • Any amount = CWE Paper Directory
  • $50 = CWE Paper Directory, 1 Donation Drive T-Shirt
  • $100 = CWE Paper Directory, 2 Donation Drive T-Shirts
  • $150 = CWE Car Sticker, 3 Donation Drive T-Shirts, $15 Book Fair Voucher

 Our goal for the 2017-2018 school year is $23,500.  What do we use all that money for?

Field Trips, Classroom Magazine Subscriptions, Family Fun Nights, Recess Equipment, Teacher & Staff Grants, Library Books, Bingo Night, Science Night, Class Parties, Summer Reading Program, 5th Grade Party, and so much more!

The students will get to celebrate with each donation milestone we obtain this year.  After the Donation Drive ends, there is an all-school convocation to celebrate.  Below are the fun activities we have planned for this years milestones.

  •  $7,000 = Popsicles at Recess
  • $10,000 = Extra Recess
  • $13,000 = Free Homework / Extra Clip Up Coupon
  • $15,000 = Office Staff Karaoke
  • $18,000 = Open Lunch Seating
  • $21,000 = Mrs. Olssen will spend the work day on the roof of CWE
  • $23,000 = CWE staff pie in the face

Do you want to make Mr. Morris into a human sundae? The classroom that has 100% participation (a donation is made on behalf of each student) and has the highest total dollar amount of donations will get to pour sundae toppings on Mr. Morris at the Donation Drive Convocation.

For questions, please contact our PTO President Emily Kahn at

Here is a sneak peak at this year's Donation Drive T-Shirts!


 Please click HERE to print your 2016 Donation Drive Tax Receipt.

 Our 2016-2017 Donation Drive officially kicks off on August 7th.  You can always donate early and get a heads start by clicking on the Paypal Donate above.  

For questions, please contact PTO President Sue Herrmann at