Donation Drive

Donation Drive 2018



Donations of any dollar amount are appreciated, but we are recommending a $50 donation per child. Your donation shows your commitment to your child's education and counts towards our 100% participation goal.  

For the 2018 Donation Drive we have several incentives to help us meet our donation goal.

  • Any amount = CWE Paper Directory
  • $50 = CWE Paper Directory, 1 Donation Drive T-Shirt
  • $100 = CWE Paper Directory, 2 Donation Drive T-Shirts
  • $150 = 3 Donation Drive T-Shirts, $15 Book Fair Voucher

 What do we use all that money for?

  • Field Trips (Civic Theater, Stuckey Farm, State Fair Grounds, Connor Prairie, Cool Creek, Zoo, Indiana State House, Clowes Hall/IRT, Biz Town)
  • Classroom Magazine Subscriptions (Bare Books, Scholastic News 1 for Kids, National Geographic, Time for Kids, Super Science)
  • Family Fun Nights (Back to School Social, Tailgate Night, Bingo Night, Literacy Night, Painting Night, Variety Show, Carnival)
  • Classroom Supplies & Technology
  • Recess Equipment
  • Teacher & Staff Grants
  • Library Books
  • 2 Class Parties (Fall and Valentines)
  • Summer Reading Program 
  • 5th Grade Party, Recognition, and Principal Award
  • Kindergarten Networking Party, Special Person Day, and Kindy 500
  • Author and Artist in Residence Visits 




For questions, please contact our PTO President Jennifer Robeson at

Donation Drive T-Shirts from 2018

 DD Shirt 2018

 thank you


Thanks to our generous families at College Wood Elementary

We surpassed our 2018-2019 Donation Drive goal!

Our initial goal was $26,000 and our families donated 


Thank you so much for your generosity! 


Although our 2015-2016 Donation Drive has officially ended, you may donate to the PTO at any time.   For questions, please contact PTO President Amy Mack at


 Our 2018-2019 Donation Drive officially kicks off on August 12th.  You can always donate online by on or after August 12th clicking on the Paypal Donate link below.  

For questions, please contact PTO President Jen Robeson at


Pay Pal Button

Online Donations

 If you have donated online and want to receive your donation level reward (directory, t-shirt(s), count towards100% participation goal, and/or the $15 book fair voucher) please fill out the below form

 Donation Drive Reward Form

We will send home the items you qualify for as soon as they are available with your student. 


Please click HERE to print your 2018 Donation Drive Tax Receipt.