Donation Drive FAQ's

  birdDonation Drive Frequently Asked Questions


I donated $50 or more, why haven’t I received my t-shirt yet?

Our initial stock of t-shirts has been depleted. Another order has been placed and t-shirts will be delivered next week. We want to get your student their exact size. Thanks for your patience.


I donated $100 but I have 3 children at CWE. Will they all get credit towards their 100% classroom participation goal?

Yes, no matter how much you donate, your donation is divided among all your kids at CWE. So, if you donated $100 but have a student in Kindergarten, Third and Fifth grades, they each receive $33.33 credit for the donation. 


What is the classroom participation goal? I don’t remember this from previous years.

This year, we are encouraging every family to make a donation on behalf of their student(s). The classroom that has 100% participation and the highest total dollar amount in donations will get to have a popcorn and movie party in their classroom. 


How much do you recommend I donate?

We recommend a $50 donation per student. However, we are very happy to accept donations of any dollar amount. No matter how much you donate, it counts towards the 100% participation goal and you get a paper Directory.