Donation Drive FAQ's

  Donation Drive Frequently Asked Questions


I donated $50 or more, why haven’t I received my tshirt yet?

Our initial stock of tshirts has been depleted. Another order has been placed and tshirts will be delivered next week. We want to get your student their exact size. Thanks for your patience.


I donated $100 but I have 3 children at CWE. Will they all get credit towards their 100% classroom participation goal?

Yes, no matter how much you donate, your donation is divided among all your kids at CWE. So, if you donated $100 but have a student in Kindergarten, Third and Fifth grades, they each receive $33.33 credit for the donation. 


What is the classroom participation goal? I don’t remember this from previous years.

This year, we are encouraging every family to make a donation on behalf of their student(s). The classroom that has 100% participation and the highest total dollar amount in donations will get to make Mr. Morris into a human sundae at our Donation Drive convocation. 


How much do you recommend I donate?

We recommend a $50 donation per student. However, we are very happy to accept donations of any dollar amount. No matter how much you donate, it counts towards the 100% participation goal and you get a CWE sticker for your car, laptop, skateboard, etc.