Student Assistant Team

Welcome to Building-Based Teams for General Education Interventions (BBT for GEI)

The Student Assistance Team is a group of teachers and support staff who come together to develop a plan of action to help students to be more successful at school. It is our belief that teachers and parents who work together, help build a positive approach to student success. Although the focus of the meeting is to provide your child’s teacher(s) with new ideas or strategies that will assist your child’s progress in the classroom, you may discover ideas that you could use at home. These ideas and strategies are built on the strengths and interests unique to your child. The meeting follows a series of steps to reach the desired outcome of academic improvement for your child.

The Process:

  1. First, the team offers the strengths and interests that are unique to your child, and then determines the academic or social challenges your child is facing at school. Questions the team helps to answer are “What is your student’s general attitude toward school and what is their preferred learning style?"
  2. Next, ideas and strategies are developed that build on your child’s strength(s), ideas that will help your child be more successful in school.
  3. The team completes the meeting by create a plan of action (GEI Plan) that will support your child’s academic progress.
  4. Parents are notified in writing.
  5. There is a follow-up meeting of the team to determine the success of the intervention(s).