Middle Schools

Each Middle School has the Following in Place to Prevent Bullying

  • School Committee
  • D.A.R.E.
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Classrooom instruction 


Carmel Middle School

Bullying is not tolerated at CAMS. Below is a quick summary of the prevention interventions to bullying:

  • All three grade levels do classroom presentations early in the year addressing the various facets of bullying.
  • The 6th graders have a unit in conjunction with the DARE program that addresses the various forms of bullying, why students bully, and resources for the victim.
  • For 7th grade, counselors and social workers do a classroom presentation on specific acts of bullying --- teasing, taunting, and harassment.
  • In the 8th grade, counselors and social workers concentrate on cyber bullying.
  • There are large anti-bullying posters throughout the school building and on Friday morning announcements there is a short segment on various aspects of bullying.
  • Periodic announcements are made throughout the school year addressing bullying and how this is against our school-wide RESPECT theme.

If a bullying situation is reported, it is always addressed and appropriate action is taken.


Clay Middle School

The school social workers performs classroom presentations for 7th  graders on Cyberbullying and some of the 8th graders on bullying. 

There are large anti-bullying posters throughout the building and on Friday morning announcements there is a short segment on various aspects of the bullying spectrum.

Clay students take a stand against bully by having the Clay Counseling Department paint their pinkies blue during lunch.

Blue Pinkie-IMG952224

Dinner & A Movie

Who: 6th grade girls & their moms, grandmothers or other special women in their lives.

What: Join Clay Counselors to watch “The Clique”, eat a pizza dinner and discuss relationships among girls. 

Clay counselors host a “girls night out” for mothers and daughters where they watch a movie dealing with relationships among girls and follow up with a presentation. The goal is to open the lines of communication and provide support encouraging the development of problem solving skills and communication strategies to help resolve relational troubles among middle school girls.

Creekside MS

Intervention Supports

FISH Philosophy: Creekside’s school philosophy/attitude teaches to treat each other with respect, make someone’s day, and maintain a good attitude. The four tenants of the FISH Philosophy are:

  1. Be There (Be There every day and support students and staff)
  2. Make Their Day (Do something small or go out of your way to brighten someone’s day)
  3. Choose Your Attitude (We choose to have positive attitudes towards our work, our teachers, and our students every day)
  4. Play (Let’s have fun while we’re at school)

Student-Ran Theatre Production

Since 2010, the CHS senior theatre class, Theatre Production, has traveled to the CCS Middle schools presenting live performanced about bullying.