NWEA Parent Resources

NWEA stands for Northwest Evaluation Association, which is the non-profit organization that provides the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP test) for grades 2-8 and various high school courses and the Measures of Academic Progress for Primary Grades (MPG test) for grades K-1.

Below, you will find resources to help you better understand your child's results.

Understanding the Results

To learn more about NWEA Assessments, such as why CCS students participate in this form of testing, as well as the testing process, please click here.

To understand the RIT Scale, the scale used to measure your child’s progress, and how to locate it on your child’s report, please click here.

For a detailed description on how to understand the subject-specific results of your child’s Student Progress Report, please view the following videos:

Carmel Clay Schools believes MPG and MAP data provides teachers and administrators with a tool to help translate a wide range of student scores into instructional objectives that focus on individual student learning needs.

For additional information, download the NWEA Parent Toolkit here, or ask your school to provide you with a copy.

NWEA College Explorer Tool

NWEA has designed a tool to help jumpstart college readiness conversations with middle and early high school students.  This tool displays U.S. colleges whose mean ACT scores correspond to the range of Map scores entered.  The tool also links to the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard database, providing information about college costs and more.  To access the NWEA College Explorer tool, click here.