District Accreditation

CCS Earns District Accreditation

 Carmel Clay Schools has earned district accreditation from AdvancED, the most rigorous school accreditation organization in the United States.  Full district accreditation signals the commitment of our district to continuous improvement.  We focus on meeting the highest research-based standards through an on-going, demanding, quality assurance process. 

AdvancED External Review

AdvancED Offers Commendations

The Quality Assurance Review (QAR) Team from AdvancED that conducted a site visit to CCS in March. 2009, prepared an extensive report as a result of the visit that led to Carmel Clay Schools receiving district accreditation.  In the report, our district earned several commendations, including:

A)  Creating a shared vision embedded in the culture of the district.

B)  Fostering a district-wide ethos of continuous improvement.

C)  Engendering active parent support.

D)  Encouraging forward-thinking leadership.

Additional commendations can be viewed by reading the "AdvancED Exit Report":  click on this title in the left column of this page.


CCS = Continuous Improvement

Because district accreditation is an on-going process, the Carmel Clay Schools will always be involved in "next steps" on our journey of continuous improvement.  The exit report from the QAR Team is a roadmap that will guide us.  Our District Accreditation Leadership Team (DALT) will use the next two years to work with our school community, including the PTO Council, our School Improvement Councils (SIC), and other groups, to foster improvement based on the exit report.  A report to AdvancED that shares our progress toward implementing our improvement ideas must be submitted in two years.  Three years after we submit this progress report, another QAR Team will pay a site visit to our district to assess the extent to which CCS has made progress.  Sustained work to become more systemic and systematic will be the hallmark of our district's commitment to meeting the highest standards.

Our Process & DALT

The continuous improvement and quality assurance process that our district is pursuing, was designed by AdvancED.  Our DALT is working to implement this process so that it is

1.  An independent review.

2.  An international comparison and accreditation.

3.  The personification of continuous improvement.

4.  Standards based.

5.  Peer based.

6.  All-encompassing.

What's AdvancED?

You may not know much about AdvancED, the largest school acceditation organization in the US.  Furthermore, district accreditation is a relatively new quality assurance process compared to the more familiar school accreditation sequence.  So, to learn more, just access the comprehensive website maintained by AdvancED:  www.advanc-ed.org .

More Information

Click on any one of the reports shown in the far left column on this page to learn more about how CCS aligns with the research-based standards that form the core of the quality assurance efforts underway in our district.