Questions About Academics: The first, best, call or email should be made to the teacher with whom your child is learning. Academic questions, like most concerns, are best dealt with by talking with the adult who is closest to the situation at hand. CCS teachers truly care about the achievement of each student so talking with the teacher who works with your young person is the best start when seeking information about academic questions or concerns.

Questions About Student Behavior: While your child’s teacher can be very helpful if there’s a question about behavior, the Principal or Assistant Principal at your child’s school will often be the first, best, call to make when there’s a behavior concern.

Questions About Transportation: Questions about behavior on the bus should be directed to your child’s Principal or Assistant Principal. Questions about your child’s bus route, assigned bus, or bus stop should be phoned or emailed to the Transportation Department for our school district.

Questions About Food Service: The Food Service Team for our school district is led by two Registered Dieticians who lead a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. Your child’s Principal or Assistant Principal can help with questions concerning breakfast or lunch at school. Our District Food Service leaders can help with other matters.

Questions About Student Health: Each of our schools has a Registered Nurse on staff to help with questions or concerns about student health at school. Call or email the school nurse if health information needs to be shared or questions arise.

Questions About General School Matters: At every one of our schools, knowledgeable staff are ready to help you with questions or concerns. If you have a question or a concern but you’re not sure who to call, the school secretaries at your child’s schools are an important point of first contact. The professional and helpful approach of the secretarial team in each office will point you in the right direction when you have a question that doesn’t appear to have a clear answer!

Questions About Indoor Environmental Quality: In compliance with Indiana Code, Carmel Clay Schools has developed guidelines and procedures for indoor environmental quality as stipulated in the Indiana Code and the regulations of the Indiana State Department of Health. Questions or concerns pertaining to indoor environmental quality should be directed to the Director of Facilities and Transportation.