Behavioral Programs

Crisis Prevention and Intervention

Although the best outcome for a crisis situation is to prevent the crisis from occuring, there are times when even our best efforts cannot avoid a crisis. For those moments, it is important that staff be prepared and armed with the safest, most effective tools for dealing with a student who is out of control. Each of our buildings have several staff members who are training in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention through our local trainers and the Crisis Prevention Institute. The Nonviolent Crisis Intervention program is a safe, nonharmful behavior management system designed to help educators provide for the best possible Care, Welfare, Safety, and Security of disrutive, out-of-control students and the staff who suppport them. After staff recieve their initial CPI training, they must complete a refresher course every 12-18 months.

Helping kids choose the right path


Gaye Kerschner, M.S. Ed.

Behavior Consultant

Carmel Clay Schools