Budget Information

The school budget represents the educational program of a school community translated into dollar need (expenditures). The budget covers a calendar year, January 1st to December 31st.

Four budgeted school funds

EDUCATION FUND: The Education Fund is used to budget and account for all receipts and expenditures related to student instruction and learning. Expenditures from this fund include salaries, benefits, supplies, etc.

DEBT SERVICE FUND: The Debt Service Fund is used to budget and account for receipts and expenditures necessary to meet annual, long-term obligations of a school corporation.  Expenditures from this fund may be used to make bond and/or lease rental payments, repay loans made for the purchase of school buses, and state construction loan repayments. Interest on loans taken for the purpose of any other fund can be paid from this fund. For taxation purposes, this fund is only used when long-term debt actually exists.

OPERATIONS FUND:  The Operations Fund general use is to pay non-academic expenses that support the operation of the school district.  This fund may be used for the following: transportation expenses, bus replacement expenses, facility expenses, utilities, technology related expenses, custodial and maintenance, Human Resources, and Business Office expenses.

*REFERENDUM FUND:  The Referendum Fund was established in 2018 and will expire at the end of 2024.  The Referendum Fund provides increased funds for expenditures related to student instruction and learning.