School Safety

Carmel Clay Schools takes the safety of our students and staff seriously and continuously works to provide the most safe and secure learning environment for the children of Carmel.  Below, you will find a number of programs CCS uses to secure each school.

Anonymous Alert

Anonymous Alert is an electronic reporting system located in parent and student portals (myCCS accounts).  Every middle and high school student and parent can anonymously report safety concerns, such as drug use, theft, or bullying. 

When an anonymous report is made, a school administrators and school resource officers are notified and the incident is thoroughly investigated within 24 hours.

Carmel Clay Schools strives for open and transparent communication between students, staff and parents.  While this is not the ideal method for identifying issues within our schools, it does add another avenue of communication for a student who may feel uncomfortable telling an adult.

School Gate Guardian

The School Gate Guardian System allows Carmel Clay Schools to better track visitors and increase the safety and security of our schools. As visitors enter a school building, they are required to scan their driver’s license or state identification card for a check of their record and then wear a badge issued by the system while in the school. As our visitors leave the school, they scan and return that badge to front office staff. This security measure replaces the security logs previously used.