Our Lowest Tax Rate

Carmel Clay School Tax Rate: The Lowest in Hamilton County

The Carmel Clay Schools has a long history of providing an exceptional education while maintaining the lowest school tax rate of any school corporation in Hamilton County.

During the 2012-13 school year, this cost-conscious tradition of careful use of taxpayer dollars continues!

As the table shown below indicates, the Carmel Clay Schools’ tax rate is the lowest in Hamilton County. Providing high-quality educational opportunities for all students in our community while sustaining a strong focus on significantly lower school taxes will always be a combination pursued by our school district.

2013 School Tax Rates 

Carmel Clay $0.8424
Hamilton Heights $1.0461
Sheridan Community $1.4062
Hamilton Southeastern $1.1746
Noblesville $1.4584
Westfield Washington $1.8850