Early Childhood Occupational and Physical Therapy

Occupational and Physical Therapy in the Early Childhood Classroom

Occupational and Physical therapists help support a child's ability to access their educational environment. Occupational therapists focus on developing fine motor skills, self help skills, and sensory regulation. Physical therapists focus on gross motor development and access to the school environment including the bus, classroom, hallways, and playground.

Physical therapist assist with gross motor skill development to enable students to more actively and independently participate in classroom related gross motor activities and to access the playground.  PT's also assist with a student's ability to access their environment including maneuvering throughout the classroom, sitting on the floor or in a regular classroom chair, getting on and off a school bus, and using any adaptive equipment they may need to facilitate participation throughtout their school day.

Occupational Therapists:

Claire Black, Cherry Tree & Forest Dale

Beth Larson, Orchard Park 

Julia Kniptash, Smoky Row


Physical Therapists:

Joanna McGill, Cherry Tree

Liz Brown, Forest Dale and Orchard Park

Stephanie Heiser, Smoky Row