Carmel Infants

All About Carmel Infants

The infants are cared for in a loving, warm environment. The teachers strive to build a relationship with each infant that makes the child feel safe and secure. Sensory activities, age appropriate toys, music and other activities are provided to help encourage their development and stimulate their curiosity.


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West Crescent Infant Room

Debbie Mead

Laura Hansen


East Hexagon Infant Room

Jill Matucha          

Teri Cole

Kim Colosi


Debbie: Likes to drive fast cars

Laura: "I love to read. My husband is an author! I once worked for Disney World."

Jill: Loves Michigan State and enjoys playing trivia

Teri: I am a graduate of Indiana University. I am a Beachbody Coach.

Kim: Enjoys camping with her family