Carmel Toddlers

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The toddlers learn through playing, observing and experimenting. They learn to make independent choices through their daily activities. Language development is an integral part of their year. Through musical and sensory activities, songs, conversations, and books, students develop their vocabulary. Students also learn many basic concepts as they are engaged in different activities throughout the day.


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Classroom Daily Schedule

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Toddlers Pictures

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Younger Toddler, Circle Room


Anita Montalone

Tammy Hiatt

Bobby Meltzer

Older Toddler, Triangle Room

Susan Maroney

Angie Yelich

Lavina Nguestsara



Anita: Plants lots of flowers

Tammy: Loves cats

Bobby: Step daughter works for us too.

Susan: Real name is Mary

Angie: Teaches yoga

Lavina: Her favorite age group to work with is toddlers