Clay Twos

Clay Two's


At two, children’s learning is driven by their curiosity as well as their desire to become more independent. Students are given opportunities to develop their language as they begin learning about letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Students participate in many musical and sensory activities as they learn basic concepts. Throughout the year, children are encouraged to further develop their self-help skills such as potty training.

Hands On Curriculum

At Edu-Care, we offer hands on curriculum through sensory experiences, circle time adventures, and interactive play.

Circle Time

Meet The Teachers!

Robin Wood:  "My son, Michael always would awake of a morning and talk about the dreams that he had the night before. He is now 26 years old and he will STILL keep in touch, texting, to share one of his amazing or crazy dreams with me! These special times with my son over the years has spurred me on to write a children’s book about “Dreams”, dedicated to my son. It’s not finished but it’s close and my wish is that it will one day be published!!"

Nichole Cole: "Well, I LOVE nature!! Kayaking is like meditation for me and I thrive on being out there on the river-my happy place! I’m a proud geek and a lover of everything Marvel, science, and reading. I have a daughter (Mae), a husband of 8 years (Ben), and a puppy named Loki. I also have 25 nieces and nephews that I constantly have visiting my home. I feel fortunate for so many. My family is my life!!Currently I have been working at Clay Edu-Care for the last 5 years and have truly found my calling working with children. It is my passion and my purpose!"

Olivia Underwood -