Edu-Care offers top-notch quality care for each child along with giving them excellent education such as, Handwriting Without Tears, Talking Drawing Writing, Literacy Express, and more.

Meeting the needs of the child as a whole through each developmental area, such as social, emotional, physical, health and wellness, language, literacy, math, science, etc. is important to helping them reach their full potential. At Edu-Care, each of these milestones are imprinted in our students from the very beginning. Our curriculum starts as early as the infant and toddler rooms.

Edu-Care is a firm believer that children learn best when they are engaged in their learning process. Children should be able to have the opportunity to explore, discover, experience, and learn about the world around them. We believe it is vital that educators of early childhood education implement and support a strong curriculum that fosters learning and growth in every aspect of development through hands-on learning.

To ensure that we as educators are effectively supporting children's learning adequately, we must be ready to present each child with age appropriate materials for achieving success in a hands-on learning environment by following the academic foundations.

What are Foundations?

The foundations are aligned to the 2014 Indiana Academic Standards. They provide the framework of core curriculum and skills that children are able to achieve at various ages.

Foundations create common language and expectations for early childhood education. When educators effectively implement the framework of the foundations into their daily routines, lessons, and activities, they are meeting the needs of the child as a whole successfully and efficiently.

Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears is a program that uses hands on materials which incorporates the fundamental foundations of early handwriting with young children.

The Handwriting Without Tears approach develops good handwriting skills that stem from the Get Set for School Readiness Curriculum.

In this program children learn the terms:

  • big line
  • little line
  • big curve
  • little curve
  • horizontal
  • vertical
  • slanted line

These terms help familiarize children with how letters and numbers are formed, and are first introduced in our toddler rooms. The Handwriting Without Tears program offers songs that very young children will love to learn and sing. These songs are designed to teach children where to start their letters.

Children may also learn how to create a "Mat Man" using wooden pieces that form all of the letters of the alphabet with the familiar terms big line, little line, big curve, and little curve.

The Handwriting Without Tears program allows children to learn handwriting in a way that is less stressful to them and will allow them to gain confidence to write words.

Talking Drawing Writing

Talking, Drawing, Writing is an excellent tool in which children learn to discuss details recalled from a story that was read to them, or a specific topic chosen by the teacher or the child. The purpose of Talking, Drawing, Writing is to get each child involved in sharing and discussing details about a story or topic they can make a mental connection with. This program begins in our toddler rooms.

Children are encouraged to draw pictures in reference to a story that was read to them over the course of three to four days.

Phonemic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness is a program you will see implemented in our Pre-K rooms. It is designed to help teach the fundamental foundations of phonics and letter sound recognition. Phonemic Awareness provides materials that help children build skills which promote visual learning of letters, sounds, words, sentence structure, rhymes and words in print, blending of sounds, opposites, and more. This program helps provide lessons in which each skill will build on another, structuring concepts that promote early reading in young children.

Literacy Express

The Literacy Express is another great phonemic curriculum used in our Edu-Care program that establishes a strong foundation in early language, literacy, and cognitive skills. Each lesson is theme related and provides materials, suggested activities, and information for the teacher in the areas of oral language, emergent literacy, science, and general knowledge. Literacy Express offers lessons for small group, large group, and individual activities.

Everyday Math

Edu-Care has adapted the Everyday Mathematics program for our Pre-K classes. This program provides children with materials that enhance and emphasize a conceptual understanding of each lesson while building a mastery of basic math skills. Children are able to use everyday real world problems and situations that will foster their higher order of learning, as well as broadening those needed critical thinking skills.

Additional Curriculum Based Activities

Creative Art-

Edu-Care strongly supports allowing children to be who they are in all areas of their development. Art is a great way for children to show off their individual creativity and each child is given the freedom to be expressive and innovative in what they are creating. Art at Edu-Care includes, crafts, drawing, painting, coloring, sculpting, collaging, and so much more. We strongly believe in letting each child do their own art activity. We believe it is the process, not the product. Each child will know that their piece of artwork is just as important as another.

Music and Movement-

Incorporating music and movement is a fun way to keep children active throughout the day. Children are naturally full of energy, so singing fun songs to keep them engaged, burn energy, or to transition them to a different activity is a great tool.


Children love to explore, discover, and investigate the world around them. As early as infancy, everything around them is new and exciting. Providing the children with science lays the foundation for critical thinking, problem solving, communication, math concepts, and creativity. It is vital to nurture children's curiosity and sensory stimulation. Providing them with materials and activities that are rich in learning and developmentally appropriate creates an opportunity for fostering technology, engineering, and math education.

Edu-Care's Curriculum Coach

Gina Armstrong: