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MyPaymentsPlus Meal Payment Program:

Please note: Carmel Clay Schools is using a meal payment service entitled MyPaymentsPlus.  You can sign-up, access your account, and make payments here.

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Carmel Clay Schools
Food and Nutrition Services
5201 East Main Street
Carmel, Indiana 46033
Director: Jennifer McFarland, RD

Welcome to the Carmel Clay Schools Food and Nutrition Services Department. Major changes to the school meal programs took effect with the passage of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA). As a part of the law passed by Congress, school lunch and breakfast meals are required to undergo major changes. Carmel’s Food and Nutrition Services Department began making many of the changes we anticipated 5 years ago. For a more in depth list of the changes we have already implemented, go to “Did You Know”. 

Every student must take at least one fruit or one vegetable serving as a part of the meal. Congress’ intent is to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables with American children. We had expanded the offerings of fresh fruits and vegetables to our students prior to the passage of the HHFKA. Our students are huge consumers of fresh vegetables and fruits.  

Nearly all grain products serve in CCS Cafes are whole grain. By the 2014-15 school year, all grains served will be whole grains per USDA regulations.

We will continue to meet our mission of providing nutritionally balanced meals at a reasonable cost to students, staff and guests, while providing nutrition education and promoting the school corporation’s wellness policy. Nutrition and learning go hand in hand. A hungry child cannot learn. To assure we are providing the best meals possible, all our menus are created and analyzed by a Registered Dietitian.

Click here for more information on free and reduced meals.

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Free Features for Families!

With the transition to myPaymentsPlus by the Food Service Department, Carmel Clay Schools’ families have access to a number of FREE resources, including:

FREE Online Payments

  • myPaymentsPluscan be used to fund students’ accounts with a credit card, debit card or bank transfer with NO SERVICE CHARGE. Parents do not have to use the funding feature in order to access the other functions of myPaymentsPlus.

FREE Reminders

  • myPaymentsPlushas an electronic notification system that will send “low balance” emails. The notification feature MUST BE ACTIVATED within the myPaymentsPlusand an email address provided. The default balance for notices is $10, but parents can select a different amount. In response to parent feedback, CCS no longer automatically provides courtesy emails or phone calls regarding low and negative lunch account balances.

FREE Account Monitoring

  • myPaymentsPlusprovide FREE meal-purchase monitoring, once a FREE account is created.