Elementary Program

Elementary High Ability Program

All 11 Carmel Clay elementary schools offer services to provide a rigorous academic experience for high ability students. These services provide the following opportunities to maximize individual potential:  

  • Basic skills compacted to eliminate unnecessary repetition

  • Accelerated pacing and advanced materials

  • Hands-on investigations and research

  • Choice/options of differentiated learning activities

  • Emphasis on creative/critical thinking skills

Throughout elementary school, language arts instruction is differentiated within existing literacy curriculum to meet a wide range of student abilities and needs. 

Kindergarten Math Explorations and Advanced Math in grades 1-5 provide differentiated instruction in mathematics for high ability learners through accelerated and enriched math experiences, aligned with above grade level mathematics standards and expectations. 

To be identified as high ability, students must earn the required score on an achievement, ability, or qualitative assessment as outlined in the High Ability Handbook.