Technology & Data Solutions

Technology & Data Solutions is the department within the division of Business Affairs, responsible for information resources and technology to support teaching and learning, as well as supporting the administrative functions of the district. The name indicates the department's focus on information regardless of format or delivery, and on services.  

TDS supports and maintains the schools' libraries, computer networks, computers, software, phones/voicemail, and video systems. TDS also supports and maintains the district's wide area network, financial, human resources, food service, student management, transportation, e-mail, library systems, a data warehouse and website.

Contact Information

Christi Cloud - Director

Terry Howell - Network Administrator

Nick Shutters - Database Administrator

Barry Neuman - Wireless/ Networking Specialist

Tracey Barney - Coordinator of Technical Services

Kate Masterson - Training and Development Specialist

Josh Leonard - Server and Backup Specialist

Becky Barker - Technician

Scott Farrell - Technician

Donna Brouder - Administrative Assistant

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