470 #170047237 Application Questions (the new application is in replacement of: #170047109 & #170047208)

Please confirm the addresses where service is needed?

Educational Services Center
5201 E Main Street
Carmel, IN 46033
Please note 5201 E Main Street was formally known as 5201 E 131st Street.

Carmel High School
520 E Main Street
Carmel, IN 46032

Creekside Middle School
3525 W 126th Street
Carmel, IN 46032

Today’s service has a vendor provided Router.  Is the Vendor provided router a requirement? 
If the propsed solution requires routers, they should be included.

Is there a particular ending date requirement? 
No, multiyear proposals will be considered.

Carmel Clay’s preference on previous contract's was 36 months.   Is this still the preference?

Carmel Clay is willing to entertain multiyear contracts, but requests a contract end date in sync with the E-Rate funding year

Would the winning bid need site growth options in addition to the sites listed?

Providing growth options at the three sites specified in the bid, is the expectation.