PowerSchool Parent Portal FAQs

PSPP Overview


Where do I find the Access ID and Access Password for my student?

This information was sent out via email. 

My Access ID and Password are not working. What can I do?

If you copied and pasted the Access ID and Password from the document you received, please try typing them in manually.

How do I switch between students?

Click on the first name in the dark blue bar at the top of the screen to switch to information unique to that student.

How do I add another student?

From Account Preferences, select the Student tab. Click the Add button. You will need an Access ID and Access Password to add an additional student to your account.

How do I see assignments?

From Grades and Attendance, click on the grade for the course and grading period. 

Why am I not seeing attendance information for my middle school or high school student?

Attendance information is only available for elementary school students.

Why should I use the web portal instead of the app?

The PowerSchool app is a lite version of the portal and not all information is available. For access to the full portal on you phone, you may wish to add https://powerschool.ccs.k12.in.us/public/ to your homescreen or bookmark this website in your phone's browser.

What do I do if the information displayed in the student directory is inaccurate?

Please contact your school to make changes to the information displayed in the student directory.

PowerSchool Parent Portal Help

Please submit our PowerSchool Parent Portal help form. This form is monitored Monday-Friday during regular business hours.