Kindergarten Curriculum

The Carmel Clay kindergarten curriculum incorporates the Indiana Academic Standards for Kindergarten into rich thematic learning opportunities where students explore topics in-depth through individual exploration and whole and small group interactions.


A focus on early literacy and language development (reading and writing fundamentals, speaking, and listening) form the core of our kindergarten program.


Children also build important foundations for mathematical understanding in early childhood. Before learning to add or count, children develop logical and mathematical thinking through interactions with their environment and daily experiences with concrete, manipulative materials.


In a similar manner, scientific understanding emerges through a process of inquiry when young children explore the world that surrounds them.

Kindergarten at CCS

In addition to building foundational academic competencies, our kindergarten program is designed to help children:

  • Live, work and play together harmoniously;
  • Identify and solve problems;
  • Make appropriate decisions for themselves;
  • Accept responsibility for specific tasks;
  • Acquire good work habits;
  • Gain confidence, self-discipline and independence;
  • Develop habits of courtesy and consideration for others;
  • Understand and appreciate the world around them;
  • Expand their curiosity and the joy of discovery;
  • Explore creative expression; and
  • Intensify their desire to learn.