Class of 2013

Class of 2013-DSC_1302


I have enjoyed the CSS Expedition along with the interaction CSS staff and administration as well as the various Carmel community leaders.  The Expedition has been very enlightening for me since I have number experiences and frames of references from various other schools and school districts in my 33+ years as a professional educator in more than one State.

Carl Nelson, Carmel Lions Club

Tara Ascioti

Jack  Badger

Doug Callahan

Josh Carr

Mike Drewry

Keith Freer

Craig Gigax

Larry Greene

Judy Hagan

Joan Isaac

Reneé Kilpatrick

Jason King

Jon Kizer

Joel & Pat Lisker

Chris Mulloy

Linda Mylott

Carl Nelson

Christine Owens

Cathy Paschen

Rev. Patti Payntor

Tom Salentine, Jr.

Rick Sharp

Susie Sommer