Criminal History Report

Applicants recommended for hire by the hiring manager (administrator) must complete an application for a criminal history report. The expense of criminal history reports is approximately $25+ for Non-Certified staff, $29+ for Certified Staff, and $35+ for Bus Drivers, which includes the fee for Indiana's Motor Vehicle Report. 

The criminal history reporting process also requires Department of Child Services reporting from all states of residency from January 1, 1988 or the applicant's date of birth (whichever is most recent) to current. Some states offer these reports at no additional charge while others charge a fee. Additional fees may apply depending upon residence history.

Once you have been directed to apply for your criminal history report, please click on the link below. Note: Criminal history requests require the use of a credit/debit card.  Please use Internet Explorer on your computer, not a tablet or mobile device:

  • Click here to apply for your employment criminal history report.

Please note: Please do not complete this application unless requested to do so by the hiring manager. Only those candidates recommended by an administrator should complete a criminal history report.