Criminal History Report

Applicants recommended for hire by the hiring manager (administrator) must complete an application for a criminal history report. The expense of criminal history reports is approximately $25+ for Non-Certified staff, $29+ for Certified Staff, and $35+ for Bus Drivers, which includes the fee for Indiana's Motor Vehicle Report. 

As of 7/1/2016, the criminal history reporting process also requires Department of Child Services reporting from all states of residency from 1/1998 to current. Some states offer these reports at no additional charge while others charge a fee. Additional fees may apply depending upon residence history.

Once you have been directed to apply for your criminal history report, please click on the link below. Note: Criminal history requests require the use of a credit/debit card.  Please use Internet Explorer on your computer, not a tablet or mobile device:

  • Click here to apply for your employment criminal history report.

Please note: Please do not complete this application unless requested to do so by the hiring manager. Only those candidates recommended by an administrator should complete a criminal history report.