Book Rental & Fees

Carmel Clay Schools’ book rental function is coordinated by Diane Todd, Accounting Assistant (extension 1039).  Contact your school’s secretary or Diane if you have any questions.  Answers to some frequently asked questions are below:

When is book rental due?

Grade Online statements available Payments due
K-5 September 29, 2014 October 30, 2014
6-12 September 29, 2014 October 30, 2014

Textbook Assistance

If you qualify for free or reduced lunch, you are also eligible for free textbooks.  You must file for textbook assistance at the time of enrollment.  You must reapply for this program each school year that you are interested in textbook assistance at the following website:

Can I pay on an installment plan?

Payment contracts are available upon request at your child’s school.

What if I have students at more than one school?

You may combine payments for students at multiple locations by making arrangements with our business office.

I plan to move to Carmel after the start of the school year.  Are the fees the same?

Book rental may be prorated depending on the date your student enrolls in our district.  Contact your school for more information.

What if my child loses a textbook?

Replacement books are available, but you will be charged the full replacement price of any book(s) lost or damaged to the point that it cannot be used.

What if I don't pay the book rental fee?

Your school will follow up with those families whose book rental fee remains unpaid.  Carmel Clay Schools works with Statewide Credit Association ( to assist us with collection of book rental fees that we do not receive.

Why are rental fees charged for textbooks in the State of Indiana?

The Textbook Rental Fee is established within the Indiana Code (IC 20-26-12). Like the vast majority of school districts in our State, the Carmel Clay Schools choose to use this funding mechanism instead of utilizing General Fund dollars. The Carmel Clay Schools believe that our students are best served by using the General Fund to pay for hiring teachers and providing instructional support.

How are textbooks selected?

Like every other school district in the State of Indiana, the Carmel Clay School district has a textbook adoption process in place to make sure that we select quality instructional materials every six years from the adoption list prepared by the Indiana Department of Education. Districts must choose materials from this list (or the state continued use list) or submit a waiver by June 1 for approval to use materials not on the state adoption list.

A committee of parents, teachers, administrators, and students meet monthly throughout the school year to examine materials and make their final recommendation to the superintendent and school board. After the school board approves the textbook selections book, rental fees are established accordingly.

When are textbooks selected?

The State establishes a six year cycle for textbook adoption for each curricular area as shown below. The state adoption committee determines the materials that will be available to districts on the state adoption list.


2014 - 2015 Elementary Textbook Rental Rates
  Textbook Rental Fees Total 
Kindergarten  $    71.83  $    38.00  $ 109.83
First Grade  $ 113.40  $    47.20  $ 160.60
Second Grade  $ 125.58  $    43.17  $ 168.75
Third Grade  $ 124.63  $    42.41  $ 167.04
Fourth Grade  $ 140.94  $    52.36  $ 193.30
Fifth Grade  $ 132.11  $    51.79  $ 183.90
2/3 GT  $ 128.07  $    43.17  $ 171.24
4/5 GT  $ 146.57  $    50.79  $ 197.36
Early Childhood    $    92.98  $    92.98
Life Skills    $ 120.00  $ 120.00
FAP K - 1-3-4-5  $    48.54    $    48.54
FAP Grade 2  $    50.74    $    50.74

Fee Schedule