CCS Kudos

The Carmel Clay School Board of Education often times receives positive feedback from stakeholders about CCS employees and their commitment and dedication.  The School Board wants to publicly acknowledge these employees by issuing a CCS Kudos.  That Kudos will be included in a weekly distribution notification as well as a posting on this site.

If you would like to share your positive CCS employee experience with the school board, please email us today!

The School Board would like to recognize the hard work and dedication brought to their attention from the Carmel community. Kudos to:

2016-17 CCS KUDOS Awardees

Terry Howell
Tracey Barney
Nick Shutters
Sara Harding
Lauren Burke
Tim Sharkey
Kirsi Surati
Eric Cronin
Jule McElwee
James Rutland
Kimberly Walker
Carol Mayer
Jelena Wright
Jim Parker
Barry Neuman
Rebecca Nickless
Dianne Zarvas
Gretchen Smiley
Melinda Stephan
Megan Brown
Richard Hayes
CHS Maintenance Staff
Chris Kane
Samir Gendy
Mario Garcia
Brett Bateman
Kevin Deloach
Freddy Harber
Kristen Cannady
Darryl Appleton
Tanya Hicks
Jocelyn Hiber
Abigail Ferrettie
Cathleen Johnson
Nancy Gilpin
Jonathon Hill
Kelly Davis
David Reisenauer
Andrea Lekse
Deborah Eberly
Brad Osborne
Cathy Patane