Teacher of Record Responsibilities

Definition and Responsibilities:

Once a student is evaluated and determined eligible for services under Article 7, the student will be assigned a Teacher of Record.  The "Teacher of Record" refers to the single special education teacher to whom a student with a disability is assigned.  Each student with a disability must have a teacher of record identified.  The teacher of record may also be the teacher of service and must be appropriately licensed.  The teacher of record has the following responsibilities:

* Provide direct or indirect services to the student.

* Develop measurable goals, benchmarks and objectives to meet the student's needs.

* Regularly monitor the implementation of the student's IEP.

* Provide progress reports to the student's parents.

* Ensure the student's IEP is accessible to all pertinent staff.

* Inform each teacher and provider of his or her specific responsibilities related to implementing the student's IEP.