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9270 Home Education



It is the policy of the Carmel Clay School Board to provide consistent application of the prescribed conditions governing the rules for excuses from compulsory attendance for home education and to safeguard the primary right of parents/guardians to provide the education for their child(ren).

The Board operates under the State Board of Education Rules for Compulsory Attendance, Indiana Administrative Code I.C. 20-33-2 which provides for the right of home education.

For the purpose of this policy, "home education" is defined as educational services directed and/or provided by the parent or guardian of a child who is of compulsory school age and is not enrolled in a nonpublic school.

Although students choosing home education are not the direct responsibility of the Carmel Clay Schools, the Board and staff share an interest in their education; therefore, the School District will permit students receiving home education to obtain certain services from the District as follows:

A.      Secondary Level, Grades 9-12: Enrollment on a part-time basis all school year, up to a maximum of two (2) courses generating a total of four (4) credits per year.

B.      Secondary Level, Grades 11-12: Enrollment on a part-time basis all school year in a vocational education program associated with J. Everett Light Career Center.

C.      Students enrolling part-time must be residents of the District and follow regular enrollment requirements, comply with and will be held accountable to the District student code of conduct.

I.C. 20-33-2-27, 20-33-2-4 thru 9

Revised 8/13/01

Revised 3/27/06